Industry Zone is near TAI/TUSAŞ, has a surface of 730 hectares and located between the borders of the districts of Kahramankazan, Sincan, Yenimahalle in Ankara. This zone is located 35 km away North West of Ankara center and it is on the İstanbul-Ankara Highway.

Aims of building up Ankara Aerospace Industrial Zone is combining Subsidiaries and SMEs in a common area mainly based on advanced technologies and high value-added products, with a skilled workforce and developing the zone to become a candidate as one of the world’s leading aviation centers.

With this target; the Turkish Treasury gave the rights of the 7 million m² area which is next to TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.) Facilities. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology defined that area as Ankara Aerospace Specialized Industrial Zone. Ankara İOSB is 35 km (northwest) to city center, located in 2 sides of the Anatolian Highway.

Başkan: Prof. Dr. İhsan KAYA

Başkan V.: Mustafa Murat ŞEKER

Üyeler: Murat ÇİZGEL, Seyit ARDIÇ, Abdullah DÖLEK

Our Values

  • To have real investors
  • To serve to increase the competency of the members
  • To establish a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly zone for all the personnel working in the companies
  • To develop a zone with obeying the rules and ethical issues


Our Targets

  • Attracting and integrating local, foreign and anchor companies / subsidiaries in order to develop Local Aerospace Industry
  • Establishing an interface zone between American / European Investors and Middle East / Turkic Republics
  • Increasing synergy between the clusters, universities and R&D centers
  • Supporting SME’s participation in the sectors



In order to obtain establishing an attraction center to develop the sector, to increase export and to manufacture high value added products.



  • Center of Excellence for Space and Aerospace Sector
  • Center of Incubation for New Entrepreneurs
  • Center of Cooperation for Export
  • SSM (Undersecreterait for Defence Industries)’s Contact Platform for SMEs
  • Platform for sharing SASAD (Defence Industry Manufacturers Association)’s experience and knowledge
  • Building up a center to have access to targeted export markets representatives
  • Establishing education centers in order to employ operational personnel