The reasons for founding the HAB Ankara Space and Aerospace Industry Zone are; supporting the local space and aerospace industry, making synergy between local and foreign firms, increasing export by producing high value added products.


  • UAV Systems
  • Robot Technologies /Process Automation
  • IT and Telecommunication Systems
  • Air Craft and Space Craft Design and Production
  • Avionic and System Integration
  • Measurement, Test and Control Equipment and Systems Production


  • Satellite Technologies
  • Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Turbine Technologies
  • Welding Technologies
  • Fast Prototype Production


  • Engine and Engine Parts Production
  • Essential Chemicals Production for Aerospace Industries
  • Air Traffic Control Radar Systems and Equipments Production
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Production
  • Airport Equipment and Vehicles for Ground Services
  • Electric, Electronic and Optic Equipment
  • Tooling Design and Production


  • Engineering and Consultancy Services
  • Test and Certification
  • Software and Critical Software Development
  • Metrology, Calibration and Validation Services
  • Harness and Cables
  • Special Material Applications
  • Cabin interior and Cargo Equipment
  • Maintenance, Repair and Redesign (MRO)